Faculty of Technology Introduction


Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel

Chief, Faculty of Technology
Email: technology@nast.gov.np

Faculty of Technology is one of the two faculties of NAST. In more than thirty years of history of NAST, it has carried out several pioneering tests, research and applications of different technologies needed for our country. E-mail, renewable energy technologies including solar water pumping, solar lantern, solar thermal, biomass briquetting, standardization of instruments along with repairs and maintenance,   and natural force driven ferry boat  and water pumping technology related works  are the prime ones that were successfully either introduced or promoted to the Nepalese society  by the  faculty of technology of NAST in the past.  In the context that many of such technologies have now become widespread in Nepalese societies, it is necessary to carry out  research for further development and transfer of new technologies in Nepal for which the faculty is fully dedicated and reorganizing itself for the same. 

Faculty of Technology is also active in organizing policy dialogues, Seminars, Workshops, Trainings and Conferences involving national and international experts and stakeholders to keep pace with the global trend of technology development and overall development of the country. Technologies related to Energy Alternatives such as Solar Energy, Bio-Energy, Wind Energy, Small Hydro and Waste to Energy; Disaster Risk Management, Instrumentation and Nanotechnology are the prime areas of focus of our current activities.  Technology Innovation, Incubation and Transfer along with Information Technology are other avenues where the faculty has started focusing in recent days. The major areas of research are:



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Email: technology@nast.gov.np