Small Hydro Power

Er. Roshan Pandey

Er. Roshan Pandey
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Small Hydro Power (SHP) program was initiated from this fiscal year 2071/72 at NAST under Faculty of Technology. This program was developed for development of research and standardized testing in Small Hydro Power equipment within the country.

Since, the hydro power is main potential electrical energy source in our country so, for this context there is high necessity for R&D in this field.


Main objective of this program is to initiate the field and lab based research in hydro power with establishment of hydro testing lab facility at NAST.

Activities in coming years

Phase I (within 1st year)

  • Site survey and problem identification of concern plant. Study in existing problems of Small Hydro in Nepal 
  • Construction of small workshop for testing hydro mechanical based equipment. 
  • Addition of basic test and measurement instruments to the hydro-lab facility at NAST.
  • Demand-based research in Small Hydro Power sector. 
  • Continual capacity building of the hydropower equipment standardization at NAST
Phase II (within 2nd year)
  • Establishment of various testing facilities for Small Hydro Power producer.
  • Performance evaluation and analysis unit for their technological difficulties and verification mechanism.

Phase III (within 3rd year)
  • Well equipped lab for different hydro power components testing and technology transfer within Nepal.
  • Lab based research on different components and machines related to small hydro power.
  • Expansion of research work on hydro power and other similar problems.
  • Continual research and innovation in modernization of hydro lab.


Recent Activities

MoU with Ministry of Energy

Faculty of Technology, NAST has signed MoU with Ministry of Energy for establishing laboratory for testing hydro equipment and machines in this fiscal year 2071/072.


Silanyash Program for Hydro Laboratory by Vice Chancellor, NAST

Vice Chancellor of NAST, Prof. Dr. Jib Raj Pokhrel has Silanyash the laboratory for hydro power on 23rd Poush 2071. The laboratory was intended to establish for providing testing and research facilities for Small Hydro Power plants basically in electro mechanical sector.


 Fig: Silanyash of hydro lab

Research activities
  • Identification of major problems in Small Hydro Power plants basically in electromechanical section within the country.
  • Solutions in short and long term for above identified problems.
  • Initiating testing facilities for some equipment and machines from this fiscal year.




Team Members

1. Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel

2. Er. Roshan Pandey

3. Er. Krishna Prasad Neupane

4. Mr. Hari Ram Shrestha

5. Mr. Hemanta Giri