NAST has signed official agreement for cooperation with following S & T institutions of the country.
Agreement signed
Tribhuvan University , Kirtipur
B.S. 2057/12/21
Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel
B.S. 2057/12/28
Mahendra Sanskrit University, Dang
B.S. 2056/05/18
Purwanchal University, Biratnagar
B.S. 2059/01/17
BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan
B.S. 2058/03/21

Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation

B.S. 2058/09/10
Alternate Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)
B.S. 2057/12/10


Autonomy of Research and Management: The Academy was established as an autonomous institution and this status was reiterated by the NAST Act 1992. This status allows the Academy to operate as a full-fledged independent body to undertake S&T activities for overall development of the country.

NAST receives its budget in the form of grant from government of Nepal. In addition to this grant it has the mandate to establish direct relations with national, regional and international organizations, scientific as well as financial institutions and donors to mobilize resources in the form of donations, assistance, contracts, loans, etc.

The Academic Assembly is the highest body, which formulates all the rules, regulations and policy as per the needs of the Academy. It has its own service commission to fulfill its manpower requirements. In addition, it can always involve national and international experts through contract as well as deputation services. It also has an independent auditing system.

Expert Services: NAST has been providing its expert services and participating in exhibition at the national as well as international levels such as Silver Jubilee Exhibitions (Kathmandu and Surkhet), Tsukuba International Expo’85 (Japan), in setting of the Standard Nepali time, setting of the radiation level in food items, technical queries of the army, etc. providing technical expert service to governmental, non-governmental and international organizations form part of the activities of NAST’s scientists. Their activities cover advisory role, study missions, expert panel, expert service in various areas of S&T.

Physical facility: NAST has acquired 80 ropani (about 4 ha) of land for its office buildings and laboratories at Khumaltar in Lalitpur District, where the main office building and Instrumentation Repair Unit are located.

Personal capability: NAST's Academicians (Pragyas) form a selected group of experts representing different disciplines of science and technology in the country. They are nominated from the Nepali professionals with high academic credentials, and have outstanding contributions made in different areas of S&T. At present there are 24 Pragyas in the Academy.

To run its activities including the in-house research programs, NAST is backed up by 133 full-time permanent staff. With educational degree and training acquired from different countries of the world, they form the core work force with technological plurality, which is a notable characteristics of Nepali S&T manpower. Together with the Academicians and the scientific community they form the think tank of the nation.