Environment Research Laboratory

Mrs. Jaishree Sijapati
Tel : +97715547714
Email: environment@nast.gov.np


Environment and climate study research unit conducts research on environment related issues. Besides research, water quality analysis service is provided to consumer as routine work. The major programs of the unit are: 1) Water and wastewater treatment, 2) Waste management, 3) Climatological study, 4) Satellite rainfall estimation, and 5) Water quality analysis services.


Investigate cost-effective methods of pollution control, conduct climatological and metrological studies and provide analytical service for quality analysis of water are the objectives of the programs running under environment and climate study research unit.

 Program and Achievements

1. Water and Wastewater Treatment

This program is focused on development of cost effective methods for the removal of chemical contaminants from water and wastewaters. It also targets to remove toxic metals (heavy metals), non-metals, and metalloids using locally available low-cost materials. The achievements of the program are research articles published in national and international journals and reports submitted on related area.

2. Waste Management

Mitigate the impact of wastes on environment and public health is the objective of this program. Recently the program is focused on environment and public health impact assessment of landfill sites operated by metropolis/sub-metropolis and municipal cities. A collaborative study report on “Impact Area Assessment of Okharpauwa Landfill Site” has been submitted to Solid Waste Management Technical Support Centre (SWMTSC).

3. Hydrospheric and Atmospheric Research

This program aims to study on hydrospheric and atmospheric processes, changes and impacts over the Himalayan regions. The specific objective includes monitoring of air pollution and its impacts on climate and land cover changes, validation of satellite data for possible application on the relevant fields, and glaciers monitoring.

4. Water Quality Analysis Service

The aim of this program is to provide water quality analysis service. We receive water samples from different sources viz. ground water, surface water, tap water and stone spouts. The groups from where we receive water samples are: common people, institutions, entrepreneur, NGOs and INGOs.


Team Members

1. Dr. Sujen Man Shrestha

2. Dr. Bhoj Raj Pant

3. Dr. Prakash Raut

4. Dr. Hemu Kafle

5. Dr. Dibas Shrestha