Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

Jaishree Sijapati

Jaishree Sijapati
Faculty Chief
Email: science@nast.org.np



Faculty of Science conducts in-house innovative research in priority areas of Science and Technology and in collaboration with national and international organization. The major areas of research are: 

 Molecular Biotechnology

  • Molecular markers and bar-coding of medicinal plants
  • Seed Conservation, Characterization and Utilization
  • Molecular study of Alien invasive species (IAS)
  • Molecular Biotechnology of Microbes (Fungi, Bacteria) 

Natural Product Chemistry

  • Bio-prospecting of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)
  • Metabolomics of Microbes (Fungi, Bacteria and Algae)from high altitude
  • Synthesis  of Biological active compounds
  • Research on Bio-energy
  • Research and Development on Bio-Pesticides
  • Development of Analytical Devices
Environment Research Laboratory 
  • Water and air related researches
  • Solid waste management
  • Water quality analysis
  • Meteorology   

Physical Science Laboratory

  • Monitoring of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation: Radioactivity, Radiation Dosimetry, Radiofrequency-radiation, etc
  • Preparation and characterization of metal oxide thin films and nano-materials

Nepal Climate Change Knowledge Management Center (NCCKMC)

  • Climate related research

Talent Promotion Program

  • Ph D Program
  • Fellowships
Nepal Flora Project

Biological Resources

  • Land-use change, Biodiversity and livelihood of fragile landscapes
  • Flora of Nepal: Inventory of Nepalese flora
  • Bio-fertilizer (Microrrizha, Biochar)
  • Dendro-Ecological Study
  • MAPs & Development of Herbal Based Polymeric Nanoformulations
  • DNA-barcoding of Fungi, Mushroom, Medicinal Plants