Science and Technology Communication

Science  and Technology Communication

Parbati Rijal Pudashaini
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One of the main objectives of NAST is promotion and publicity of Science and Technology through different kind of promotional activities.

NAST's science and technology popularization program is a humble attempt in making the attributes of science and technology accessible to the general mass and helping to bring attitudinal change in them in favor of modernization.

Radio Program

NAST has been producing weekly radio program since B.S. 2042 poush 15. The program is in Radio magazine format. Topical commentaries, interviews with national and international scientists, project report, new findings science forums are the main content of the program.

Science and Technology Radio program can be tuned from Radio Kantipur on F.M. 96.1 on every Saturday morning at 7:00 am for 30 minutes.

Television Program

NAST has been producing weekly Television Program Since 2061 B.S. Science and Technology Television program can be tuned from National Television Channels (Nepal Television) on every Saturday evening at 5:05 pm, and Sunday morning at 11:30 am. The main content of the program is National and International Scientist, Scientific information, New invention, Nepali Traditional and indigenous Technology, Topical Commentaries and NAST's activities.


Team Members

1. Parbati Rijal Pudashaini

2. Priya Darshan Manandhar

3. Lipika Karmacharya

4. Manchita Aryal

5. Om Baral