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Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), an apex bodywas established in 1982 with a view to promote Science and Technology in the Country. The purpose of this apex body is to intensify science, technology and innovation for overall development of Nepal. There are mandated objectives and functions of NAST that are focused on creating conducive environment for scientific research activities, technological enhancement and promotion. The role of NAST, thus, is envisaged not only as a think tank providing a forum for scientists and technologists of the country but also act as a promoter, facilitator and innovator in the field of Science and Technology. 

NAST activities are focused mainly on promotion of Science and Technology through various programs like organization of national conferences/ seminars/ workshops, research grants, PhD. Grants, science awareness program, S&T publications, awards and prizes for scientific achievements, etc. In addition, some in-house research in priority areas like bio-technology, natural products chemistry, environment, alternate energy etc. were also carried out. Realizing the need of the time and mandate provided to NAST, we have now taken new steps to strengthen research and innovation in some priority areas of science and technology which are relevant and can be linked with the national development. A project proposal is in the process for the necessary equipment, manpower training, exchange of scientists with foreign S&T institutions etc. In addition to the scientific staff at NAST, provisions have been made to bring relevant scientists and also as Assistant Research Fellows, Research Fellows (Post Doc.), PhD fellows etc. Under the NAST-Universities Collaborative PhD program. PhD candidates will complete mostly all the requirements for their degree including research works as NAST and finally the degree will be awarded by the university under a mutual agreement.

In technology side, NAST proposes to identify relevant areas in consultations with the government and private industrial sectors. Establishment of National Technology Information Center, R&D planning and evaluation system, etc. are some of the new proposals to be initiated at NAST. Our vision is to develop NAST not only as a promoter and facilitator but also as a national research institute with world class research in selected areas of science and technology. We hope that the state, the academia, the industrial sector and the society as a whole realize with the need of such a research institute in Nepal and provide necessary support to this endeavor. 


Vice Chancellor

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