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Bio Energy

Dr. Rabindra Pradad Dhakal
Tel: +9771-5547368

Biofuel Laboratory

We are focusing on processing technology aiming to establish a sustainable biodiesel production from Jatropha oil and waste cooking oil using home grown or to be grown or available feedstocks or catalyst to develop the novel technology. Hence, our primary concerns are in

  • Jatropha Oil
  • Waste Cooking oil
  • Microalgae


Biomass Laboratory

We are also working on effective utilization of biomass wastes, agro, forest or households or municipal to make energy commodities or manures as following:

  • Biobriquette technology for energy
  • Biochar Technology for soil enrichment
  • Clean cooking solution

On going activities are: Identification of plants suitable for making biochar


Plastic to fuel laboratory

We have also established 1 kg and 10 kg  waste plastics to fuel conversion laboratory. Following are the ongoing activities in this laboratory:

  • Experiment going on to produce fuel from different types of waste plastics.
  • We aim to calculate the cost- benefit analysis of waste-plastics to fuel conversion plant and compare it with the landfill disposal method of waste plastic that is currently practicing by Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
  • We are planning to test the fuel on vehicles.


Team Members:

  1. Dr. Rabindra Prasad Dhakal
  2. Dr. Iswor Bajracharya
  3. Mr. Ishwor Maharjan
  4. Mr. Rajgir Mahato
  5. Er. Ankita Shrestha
  6. Mr. Sundar KC


Current Activities

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