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Science and Technology cannot develop in isolation. Therefore, international cooperation and assistance are the integral part of S&T development. In order to strengthen scientific cooperation, NAST has established linkages with several important S & T institutions both in formal and informal capacity .

NAST has signed agreement for the scientific collaboration with following science academies and institutions : 


Agrement signed

Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)

October 1, 1986

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

March 2, 2001

Korean Academy of Science and Technology

September 24, 2003

Chinese Academy of Sciences

March 24, 2004

Indian National Science Academy (INSA), India

October 20, 2002

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

November 9, 2003

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India

October 24, 2002

Consiglio Nazionale della Recerche (CNR), Italy


Institute de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France

May 14, 2001

University of Freiburg, Germany

October 10, 2001

University of Zurich, Switzerland

May, 19, 2003

University of Tokyo, Japan

July 28, 1999

Natural History Museum, UK

July 9, 1999

Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh

July 9, 1999

The Academy of Sciences of Iran

September 25, 2003

The Bangladesh Academy of Sciences

March 24, 2004

National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata , India

June 26, 2002

Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India

February 12, 1997

Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India

February 14, 1997

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

February 9, 2004

The University of Strthclyde, UK

April 30, 1999

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT),Thailand

February 23, 2009

National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand

August 3, 2009

Academia Sinica, Taiwan

August 6, 2009

NAST is also a member of following regional and international scientific organizations:



International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).


International Foundations of Sciences (IFS).


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


Federation of Asian Scientific Academies and Societies (FASAS).


Information Network on New and Renewable Energy Resources and Technology for Asia and the Pacific (INNERTAP)


Center for Science and Technology of Non-Aligned Countries ( NAM )


Association for Science Cooperation in Asia (ASCA)


Science and Technology Policy Asian Network (STEPAN)


Association of Asia 's Scientific Academies (AASA)


International Development Research Center (IDRC)

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