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Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel
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Major Activities
Synthesis and Extraction of Materials

This activity is dedicated to synthesize the metal oxide semiconductor nanomaterials, form nanostructures on metal oxides and also extract the organic dyes from the plants of Nepal for their possible applications including optoelectronic devices like solar cell. With the expansion of human and infrastructural resources the activities will be extended in the domain of metal nanoparticles as well as polymer materials.

Synthesis of nanomaterials  and Extraction of dye from plants of Nepal. 

Figure 1: Synthesis of nanomaterials  and Extraction of dye from plants of Nepal.
Characterization of Synthesized and Extracted Materials

The materials synthesized or extracted in laboratories of the NAST are basically characterized under this activity. Also, this activity covers the service provided to the researchers of other institutions of the country for the characterization of their crystalline solid samples by X-ray Diffraction. To accomplish this task, optimum use of recently installed  Bruker D2 Phaser Diffractometer  at NAST will be ensured. 

X-ray Diffractometer and its application 

Figure 2: X-ray Diffractometer and its application.

Application of the Synthesized and Extracted Materials in Devices

All the materials synthesized or extracted in the laboratory will be used for the fabrication of devices under this activity. Emphasis will be given first to apply them in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells(DSSC). With the diversification in the type of materials synthesized and identification of properties during characterization in the laboratory, new areas of their applications will also be sought.



Team Memeber




  1. Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel
  2. Mr. Hari Ram Shrestha


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