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Planning and Evaluation Division

Mrs. Neesha Rana
Division Chief

Tel : +97715547715
  • Works as the focal point to look after overall activities with following international organizations
  • Is responsible organizing different international workshops/seminars jointly with international organizations.  Some such events are given below
  • Supports researchers to perform their researches in international organizations and initiate them to make a field trip for the same
NAST through Planning and Evaluation Division facilitates researchers to carry research activities in international organization's labs with which it has signed MoU.  The most effective programs are in the labs of CSIR and INSA, India.  Details for application are as follows:
General procedure:
  1. The researcher must have at least Masters Degree in Sciences preferably under 45 years of age.
  2. The researcher must prepare a proposal for research or study visit. (Title, Objectives, Justifications, Workplan, Duratin, Name and Place of host institute and expected outputs)
  3. The researcher must get acceptance letter from host institute in India (preferably from the supervisor. The host institute must be any of the constituent organizations of CSIR or recognized university by INSA.
  4. The researcher has to apply to NAST along with the proposal and acceptance letter from host institute at least 3 months in advance.
  5. NAST processes the application and gets approval from CSIR or INSA.
  6. In case of approval by NAST and CSIR or INSA, NAST informs to the researcher.
  7. After this NAST provides travel grant to India and CSIR or INSA provides all the local hospitality.  Besides local travel it provides INR 2000/- per day for short-term (up to 6 weeks) and INR 6000/- per month for six months.
  8. The researcher has to submit report of visit and activities performed to NAST immediately after returning from the visit.



The Planning and Evaluation Division has two main responsibilities; Planning and evaluation and International Relationship. Activities performed by the Division in these two aspects are as follows.

Planning and evaluation

•    Formulate Annual Program and budget of the Academy in close coordination with Faculties and other divisions. 
•    Held discussions with link Ministry- Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MoEST), Ministry of Finance and National 
     Planning Commission  to  get through the annual program and budget
•    Prepare annual program and budget and submit in the Academy Assembly for approval
•    Give directives to all the faculties and division to implement approved activities.
•    Monitor and supervise the activities  performed by faculties and divisions
•    Compile the  quarterly and annual progress reports prepared by the faculties and divisions and submit to the academy as well 
     as make presentation in the MoEST collaboration
•    Work as the liaison unit of Academy to deal with all the concerned authorities of Government of Nepal.
•    Formulate vision, mission strategic plans and develop short term, midterm and long term policy and plans of the academy.
•    Update objectives, functions and activities of the academy and submit to the concerned authorities for revision and approval

International Relationship

•   Develop bilateral and multilateral relationship with International organizations, S&T institutions of other countries for mutual 
    cooperation and collaboration.
•   Prepare Text of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be signed by NAST and collaborating international organizations and 
    academies and related organizations of other countries
•   Make arrangements for renewal of MoUs
•   Organize international workshops, seminars and interaction programmes in collaboration with respective international and     
    foreign institutions and organizations.
•   Develop joint research and development program with them
•   Coordinate and facilitate research activities carried out by foreign institutions with MoU with NAST in Nepal.
•   Facilitate exchange of scientific visits and a sharing of experiences. 


Team Members

1. Mrs. Neesha Rana

2. Mrs. Tara Upadhayay

3. Mr. Prem Narayan Mahto

4. Mrs. Parbati  Khatiwada

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