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Science Communication Campaign

Since its inception the academy has actively been involved in promoting public understanding in science and technology through its various science popularization programs. The NAST is so far the only institution in Nepal that has been conducting regular programs to popularize science and technology among the people. In 1985, the academy launched a Science Popularization Project with a grant support from the International Development Research Center (IDRC) for Canada. The objective of the project was to enhance science literacy of the general people by utilizing mass media channels. This was the first systematic attempt to make the attributes of science and technology accessible to the general public. Science popularization programs are now fully operated by the academy with its own resources. These programs include organization of science exhibitions, interaction and lecture programs, publication of science magazines and journals.

Science Fair

The academy regularly organizes science fairs in different parts of the country, mostly in collaboration of local schools. The objectives of these programs are the increase public awareness on the importance and usefulness of science and technology in people's daily life and cultivate a scientific temperament among young people. The programs include a wide range of participatory activities for the high school students such as

  • Competitive Science and Technology Exhibitions (High Schools Level)
  • Science and Technology Quiz
  • Oratorical Contest
  • Essay competitions
  • Science teachers workshops/Training
  • Lecture Programs
  • Public interactions
  • Environment Camp (Occasionally) 
  • Science and Technology Film show

For greater participation of school children and general public, these activities are tied up with local cultural and sports events.


Vigyan Lekhmala

The academy regularly publishes under its science communication program a science feature a popular science magazine written in Nepali Language  The Vigyan Lekhmala. The feature content popular articles on contemporary issues of different fields of science and technology. The Vigyan Lekhmala is distributed to school library media outlets to disseminate the information on science and technology to the general people.  Beside the feature magazine academy also regularly brings:

  • NAST Communicator
  • Popular Science series Books 
  • Booklets /Internal Circulation (NAST Sanchar)

Scientific publication 

Nepal Journal of Science and Technology

The academy launched the publication of Nepal Journal of Science and Technology by yearly to provide a forum for Nepali Scientists and Technologist to publish their original research articles carried out in Nepal. 

The academy has so far published more than 150 major study reports, manuals, proceedings, research reports, occasional papers, popular science series, science feature for media, books etc.

  • Proceedings of Conferences
  • Status Paper 
  • Occasional Paper etc.


Meet Your Scientist

With an objective to provide media personnel with first hand scientific information, the academy regularly organized a form called Meet Your Scientists. This forum brings scientists and media personnel together to discuss contemporary issues of science and technology that are of public interest. The media personnel then take the information to the public through their respective out less.

Science Writing Workshop/Training for Science Journalist

The academy regularly organized Science Writing Workshop/Training for Science Graduates Science Students and Journalist working on the contemporary issues of S & T. 


The academy regularly organizes national and international seminars, workshops and conferences. Most important among them are the national conferences the academy organizes every few years. Such conferences, which are inaugurated by the Head of the State or Head of the Government, belong to some of the biggest scientific events in the country that bring together hundreds of participants from all disciplines of science and technology. These conferences are also attended by distinguished scientists and technologist of world repute, including Nobel Prize winners.

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