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Solar Energy

Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel
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Major Activities

  1. Solar Radiation Monitoring & Analysis
    A real time monitoring of the Solar Radiation in Kathmandu as well as in different parts of the country is being carried under this activity. The collected data are processed in order to calculate the real potential to exploit the solar irradiance of the concerned place to meet the energy demand of the place. The outcome of the activity is expected to end up with solar radiation mapping of country with real-time data.

    Real time Solar Radiation Monitoring System installed at NAST along with its results
    Figure 1: Real time Solar Radiation Monitoring System installed at NAST along with its results. 
  2. Energy Auditing & Conservation
    In the context of having acute shortage of energy, the activity intends to develop a culture to minimize the energy waste and maximize the use of available energy resources. Energy Auditing is the fundamental tool used for the purpose. By institutionalizing the energy conservation practices, proliferation of solar energy technology also becomes easier as cost of solar PV modules of moderate size can be within the reach of middle class people.
  3. Diversification of Solar Technology
    This activity mainly addresses the issues related to diversification in the areas of application of solar energy technologies in the country and respective capacity building to adopt the new technologies.  It covers wide range of activities such as proliferation of knowledge on solar energy technologies, feasibility study of grid connected rooftop PV system along with mini / micro grids and efficient use of Sun Simulator and module tester.

    Diversification and Proliferation of Solar Energy Technologies in Nepal. 

Figure 2: Diversification and Proliferation of Solar Energy Technologies in Nepal.

Ongoing Activities

1.  Real-Time measurement and analysis of Solar Radiation and Temperature in five different places of Nepal
NAST has installed Pyrometers with temperature sensors in five different places (one each from previous defined five development zones of Nepal) with technical support from JICA. The systems are installed at the premises of Eastern Regional Campus of Institute of Engineering (IoE) at Dharan), R.R.M. Campus at Janakpur,  Western Regional Campus of IoE at Pokhara, Mahendra Multiple Campus at Nepalgung and Siddhanath Science Campus at Mahendranagar. Data generated from those systems are periodically collected and being analyzed at NAST. 

2.  Solar PV Training in Different Provinces/ Institutions of Nepal
Under this program technical trainings on solar photovoltaic technology is conducted in different provinces and institutions of Nepal upon their request.

3.  Solar PV Modules Testing Service using Sun Simulator
The laboratory owns the only Sun Simulator and Solar Module Tester in Nepal, which is being used for the testing and certification of solar PV modules for quality assurance through Renewable Energy Test Station (RETS).  The Simulator has been providing the testing service continuously for eight years.  

4.  Diversification of application of Solar PV technology
Under this program we have been working to diversify  the application of solar PV technology through research based on the systems such as localized floating solar PV system, solar-wind hybrid system, grid tied solar PV system, and  Solar PV –Solar thermal hybrid systems, etc. 

Major Projects Accomplished with Foreign Collaboration

1.    Level -2 Training for Training on Solar PV Technology in Collaboration with VOCTEC, Arizona State University, USA. ( A USAID funded project)
2.    Level-1 Technicians’ Training for women on Solar PV Technology in Collaboration with VOCTEC, Arizona State University, USA. (A USAID funded project)
3.    Prioritization of Alternative Energy Technologies in Different Ecological Zones of Nepal, in collaboration with Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea. (A KOICA funded project)
4.    Employed two senior Volunteers from Japan ( Dr. Kyoko Shuku and Mr. Hajime Kitazumi) for a total period of four years (A JICA funded project), and a senior technical Advisor, Mr. C. D. Lee  from Korea         for a period of 3 years ( a KOICA/NIPA funded project) 

Team Memebers

1. Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel (Team Leader),
2. Mr. Hari Ram Shrestha (Currently Ph.D. scholar at Kyutech, Japan),
3. Mr. Pramod Ghimire ( Assistant Research Fellow),

Current Activities

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