Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)

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Statutory and Internal Audit Division

Mr. Niranjan Kumar Acharya
Division Chief

Tel : +97715547715

Nepal Academy of science and Technology has been established for the overall development of the country through best possible use of science and technology.Good governance is prime requirement and is very essential for successful operation of activities and achievement of set goals. Statutory Affairs and Internal Audit Division has been established under Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Act 2048 (1992 AD) clause number 16(E). It is one among two faculties and five divisions established under NAST with given responsibilities. This division is concerned with the responsibilities and arrangement of

  1. Academic Assembly Meeting
  2. Management Council meeting
  3. Service Commission Meeting
  4. Academician Meeting
  5. Academic Support to Academician program
  6. Scientific Sub-Committee Meeting
  7. Support management for executive nomination, arrangement of executives and academician visit program
  8. procedural and Legal Advice
  9. Internal audit of the financial activities and  reporting to the  management 

Team Members

1. Mr. Niranjan Kumar Acharya

2. Mr. Badrinath Bhattarai

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