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Talent promotion program facilitates and supportsresearch activitiesof Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). Under this program NAST has been providing fellowships to scientists/technologists to carry out scientific/technological research under the vicinity of NAST. Currently there are three fellowship programs

 1) Research Fellowship (RF)

2) Assistant Research Fellowship(ARF)

3) PhD Fellowships for researchers of different discipline in science/technology.


Current Programs

Research Fellowship (RF)

This fellowship is awarded to those researchers who have completed PhD in science and technology. Selection criteria for this fellowship follow various steps and evaluation is done in purely competitive basis. Another important criterion of this program is that the awardee muststrictly committo adhere with the proposed research program submitted. The tenure of this fellowship is one year. Number of RFs of different disciplines granted from NAST is 27.


2) Assistant Research Fellowship (ARF)

Researchers who have pursued Master’s degree in science and technology are eligible to apply for this fellowship. The basic criteria of selection of this program are interview, academic records and the availability of appropriate program of interest of the awardee at NAST. The tenure of this fellowship is one year.Number of ARFs of different disciplines granted from NAST is 64.


3) PhD Fellowship

PhD fellowship is awarded to young researchers of less than thirty years of age. Candidates applying for this fellowship should qualify written test and an interview. The tenure of PhD fellowship is of four years.Number of Ph D granted from NAST is 6.


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